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Default Re: Best air cooling?

Originally Posted by Amuro
Yeah maybe the Tuniq 120 has twice the amount of fins, but it's also twice as expensive, and a pain to install too... hell, the Big Typhoon, Ninja, etc are all at least twice as expensive as the Freezer 7.
Well, yeah, but that's the world of PC modding, isn't it? Watercooling's not exactly a walk in the park, either, but people do it for the results that you get.

And a 7-9C drop in processor temps is worth an extra 25-30$ for me and a half hour to take a motherboard out of a case and put it back in. I've seen the Tuniq sell as cheap as 49$, which isn't that bad at all.

I mean, really.. what is 25-30$ extra when you've already spent 1100$ on graphics cards and $1000 on a processor, anyway?

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