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Default Re: Best air cooling?

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Different testbeds. You have no idea what kind of airflow was in the case in that review you found. A better way to tell if there's a major difference is to take a group of coolers from the same testbed like that review I posted earlier. The Freezer 7 Pro is in the same class of coolers as the Big Typhoon, Ninja, etc.. and they all fall behind the Tuniq anywhere from 7-9C, which is exactly what I've experienced as well.

I used to own a Freezer 64, which is very similar to the Freezer 7 if not identical, and it could barely keep my X2 4400+ under 65C Prime load and that processor ran very cool.

Here's someone I found who got a 5C drop going from a Freezer 64 to a Tuniq:

There's just no comparison; it's way out in front. The Tuniq has over twice the amount of fins on it that normal HSF's usually have. The only air cooler that can really come close to it is the Zalman 9700.

And you need to measure your load temps w/ a program like Prime, not just games. That'll tell you how effective a cooler really is. If you don't plan on overclocking, though, then I guess that part doesn't matter as much. Stick with what you have, because it's sufficient.
For what its worth, the Freezer 7 is a "tower" style heatsink (the fan is vertical), the Freezer 64 is a standard flat heatsink. I think that has a pretty dramatic effect on its cooling abilities in most systems.

Its also relatively cheap compared to the $50-60 premium you spend on a Tuniq Tower, Thermalright Ultra 120 or Zalman 9700.

Its kind of crazy thinking of spending half the price of a CPU just to cool it.

... but I've done it before.

I've been thinking of just getting the most universal heatsink possible (compatible with 775, 939, AM2, etc...) and keeping it for a while. All that money spent on cooling adds up after a while.
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