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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: where are rpms file?

Originally posted by bwkaz
No, that's not "bloated". That's "not up to date", or "not correct". "Bloated" means that it's bigger than it needs to be, which is not what's going on here.

Ok i guess i have to improbe my english a bit more.

You can't modify whatever you're using to run the installer manually? Instead of having it run "rpmbuild", have it run "sh filename -s". Doesn't sound too difficult to me...
Well it s a bit more complicated.
I don't have kernel source on all my machine
as i m a bit out of disk on some machine.
I did maintain some different rpm binary
for different combinaison of custom kernel
on a server.

THE SRPM file was so cool to use for a big
network why did u remove it?
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