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Default GL jerky then freezes

For some time now through different Nvidia cards and different kernels, I have been experiencing a problem with GL games. It will start up fine and operate for a short while with no problems. Then I will notice some slight 'jitters' in the graphics. The jitters then start turning into the graphics freezing for several seconds at a time until finally it just locks up. While it's locked up, I sometimes can move the mouse (very slowly) and get the game to close and all is well again. Many times I must restart the machine to get it going again.

I had this problem originally with an AGP Nvidia card and Mandrake 10. Much time has passed and I have upgraded to the point where I now am using the following:

PCI-E eVGA GForce 6800XT
NVIDIA driver 1.0-9746
Kernel 2.6.17-5

There are no errors reported in dmesg. I know similar issues have been reported but I've not seen any resolutions relating to the PCI-E cards.


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