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Default Decent Sony SXRD XBR2 review

This is the BIGGEST reason to go XBR2 over A2000, or any JVC:

The resolution and subjective detail of the Sony are remarkable. While other products might match Sony's video bandwidth and tight focus, none have Sony's unique video enhancement circuits which (when used properly) make most any picture look cleaner, sharper, and more stunning, yet with very little penalty in the way of visible edge enhancement or other ugly artifacts. DRC (Digital Reality Creation), Sony's name for its video processing, can be switched off, but I found that most pictures look better (certainly sharper) with it on, yet without the artifacts caused by such circuits in competing sets.

I completely agree with this review:

Other sets can match it in some aspects of picture quality, and even better it in color accuracy. And most of them are much cheaper. But no other set I've seen this year can match this picture overall, once it's calibrated and adjusted properly.
DISCLAIMER: I am not knocking JVC or Sony A2000, they're great products. But you do get superior performance when you step up to XBR2.
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