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Smile Re: Is my FX3000 about to die?

Just fitted the new PSU, and it seems to have solved the problem... I've cautiously run a couple of the problem apps for a few minutes each and have had no shut down yet. They never managed more than half a minute (sometimes only a few seconds) before shut down with the previous PSU, so the signs are good. Think I'll leave it a little while now before I do any more stress-testing as, my stress levels have reached critical and I need a break! Assuming the problem was the FX3000 exceeding the peak Amp draw of the PSU I've hooked up the card on one of the 4-pin cables with only the floppy and a case fan in addition, and all the drives (CD, DVD & 2 HDD's) are on the other cable. One additional benefit is that the new PSU is much quieter, much better for my frayed nerves!

Thanks a million for your advice
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