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Question GLX slow in fullscreen mode - MDK 9.1


My thread follows series of previous complains about strange behaviour of GLX in Mandrake 9.1. Detailed description follows.

System: Dell Inspiron 8100 Laptop with NVidia2 Go card (0x0112), 16 MB VRAM, 1400x1050 LCD display

OS: Mandrake Linux with original kernel 2.4.21-0.13mdk running KDE:

Upgrade to the latest drivers 1.0.4363
went smoothly.

Problem: Any given application that uses GL libs runs extremely slow in full screen mode. This is not the case for the same applications running in small window.

The behaviour of glxgears is the perfect example here. Another example are GL sreensavers in KDE and TuXRacer game.

I have checked every point as suggested in README, as well as I did all tweaks to config files suggested in this forum (including addition of /lib/tls/ annd so on to library path) - to no avail

I attach to this message the file GL-check.txt where I documented the checks and included output of ldd, glxinfo and glxgears (where jumps to full screen are marked) together with XF86Config-4 and

I do have some experience with Linux and I really can't find any source of problem here. Everything is installed and configured exactly by the book. No error messages, no glitches during startup, module loading and program starting.

I am really puzzled, some constructive help will be much appreciated.

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