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Angry 100% CPU Utilization isntead of OpenGL on AthlonXP2100+

I figure I'll just post my problem then attach whatever files/outputs are needed...

I recently swapped my Celery out for an ASUS A7V333 & AthlonXP2100+ (and left Linux as is). I was running RedHat 9, kernel-2.4.20-9.athlon and the latest NVidia driver (4363) on my GF2MX. Everything was happy until the switch, at which point all my OpenGL apps pegged the CPU at 100% and gave slow, crappy graphics. I later upgraded to a GF4 Ti4200- same problem. I have reinstalled Mesa, the NVidia driver, qt, ran through all the OpenGL troubleshooting in the NVidia manual... I don't know what else to try, or even where to look for a problem!

FYI I installed the athlon version of the RH9 kernel because the x86's crash so I haven't been able to see if the i686 kernel (which I was using with the Celery) has the same problem. Me wantie fast fast 3D back!
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