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Default 1080i Bug with Component Video Output 6150

From what I've been reading, there is a bug with putting out 1080i via the component video output with the Nvidia drivers in Linux.

I have the M2NPV-VM motherboard with the NVidia 6150 Chipset. I have struggled with Mythtv (under Ubuntu Edgy) to get the component video out working with my HDTV. My TV only takes component video inputs. I know this is a driver issue as the windows xp output works fine.

When I set up my xorg.conf file for 1080i, the desktop and various programs work fine, however, when I try to play any video, the system locks up and I have to ssh into my computer to shutdown.

I now have it set up using 480p with the component out and it works fine - but I bought this motherboard to get HDTV support and 480p is not HD.

I have the 1.0.8776+ nvidia-glx drivers installed. Latest and greatest per the synaptic package manager. I have not found a suitable workaround - does one exist?? (I don't want to buy a RGB to component adapter either - that's why I got this motherboard)

If not, do any of the Nvidia folks know if there is a fix that is being worked on? I am quite upset that I bought this product and it doesn't work for what it is advertised to do.

Any help is appreciated.
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