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Default Nvidia console frame buffer

It would be nice if Nvidia could extend nvidia kernel module with support for accelerated console frame buffer.

I know about vesa frame buffer which is compatible with nvidia driver. The problem with vesa driver is with full screen console applications like mcedit. During scrolling the screen flickers. There is no accelearation (not so painful as flickering but nice to have).

At present I compiled kernel with open source nvidiafb as module (which is not compatible with nvidia kernel module). By using nvidiafb the full screen applications are not flickering and there is acceleration.

The disadvantages of this are:
-to switch from nvidiafb to nvidia I have to reboot machine (and vice versa).
-when X apps are loaded there is no possibility to load nvidiafb

It would be nice if Nvidia could:
* extend nvidia kernel module with console frame buffer support (most code seems to be already written for supporting X needs)
* provide hooks to nvidiafb to make it compatible with nvidia module. For example nvidiafb could register on PCI bus and provide interface for nvidia module.
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