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Default Re: (WOW burning crusades) Today is the day of days

Originally Posted by DaveChambers
I love it! At first, it was a bit crowded, but after the initial hype things calmed down and it was playable. The new areas are very nicely done, I think they did a good job of fitting it into an already existing world. Apparently some people love it more than others, I know a guy on Terenas who has yet to log off since its Midnight release.
I am waiting till the bulk of people get past 62. Every place I go it is over farmed. It drives me nuts. I just want to quest at my own pace. So I'll do real questing this evening.

Did you see a guy on a european server hit 70 yesterday? What a joke. I want to take my time and enjoy the game for the first run.

BTW all the gear that has dropped so far is better than MC gear. That friking rocks. LOL
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