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Default Works with Windows/ATI, Why Not NVIDIA/Linux


I have a Sanyo HDTV model HT32744. When I hook it up to my laptop via DVI->HDMI cable, I can do 1080i without a problem from the EDID.

When I hook it up to my mythbox, I first get failure messages about the refresh rate. After applying the proper overrides, the 1080i displays but is jumpy, with things out of place and totally unusable. 720p works perfectly.

Attached is a bug report with the overrides in place.

I feel like this is very close to working, but the EDID modeline needs some tweaking. I have spent days trying to tweak it with no luck. I tried grabbing modelines from my laptop with PowerStrip that work. Applying them to my XF86Config did not work though. The result was no signal at all.

Can anyone help?

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