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Default Re: (WOW burning crusades) Today is the day of days

Originally Posted by superklye
What the hell is "rep grinding"?
Reputation or faction grinding. Doing those sh!tty repetitive turn-in quests to increase your reputation with Argent Dawn, etc.

I'm loving the expansion so far. I levelled a Blood Elf Mage to 10 in about three hours and managed to run to the Ruins of Andorhal in WPL before a spider got me.

I spent most of the evening yesterday in Hellfire Peninsula questing. I was completely pissed when I completed a quest to (get this) place torch beacons under four towers at an orc camp, and was rewarded with a blue chest piece which was BETTER than my Robe of the Archmage!!!!! I went to LBRS until I was sick of it before the pattern dropped for me. Then I had to farm the materials for it! Boggles the mind what the Outland instances will drop.

Edit: yay, 400th post. :P
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