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Default Re: (WOW burning crusades) Today is the day of days

Originally Posted by Scunner
Reputation or faction grinding. Doing those sh!tty repetitive turn-in quests to increase your reputation with Argent Dawn, etc.

I'm loving the expansion so far. I levelled a Blood Elf Mage to 10 in about three hours and managed to run to the Ruins of Andorhal in WPL before a spider got me.

I spent most of the evening yesterday in Hellfire Peninsula questing. I was completely pissed when I completed a quest to (get this) place torch beacons under four towers at an orc camp, and was rewarded with a blue chest piece which was BETTER than my Robe of the Archmage!!!!! I went to LBRS until I was sick of it before the pattern dropped for me. Then I had to farm the materials for it! Boggles the mind what the Outland instances will drop.

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So you changed your opinion from just ok to your loving it? That's cool. I will say this expansion did just that for this game. It made the World of Warcraft world HUGE! There is so much content in this game and you can actually park your self at lvl 60 for a bit and get good gear or go all the way. WoW really is the best MMO bar none. I know some people hate WoW but I for one love it. I tried to quit the game 4 times but I always came back. I am sure I will be playing this game at least through the summer.
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