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Originally posted by Turnbolt
Ok, I'll fess up, I tried to get people to say the 8500 has better colors than the GF4s.

Are you also a valued member of the Rage3d forums, too?

Besides, lemme just mention two words for you:

ati drivers.

The main reason why I'd pick nvidia over ati any day, I've been screwed by ati too many times in the past.

ATI Rage 128!!! Whoa!!!

Crashes! ****ty 16 bit! Bad Performance! $572 CDN

Ati Radeon (original!)

SLOW! Drivers! Crashes, Visual anomalies! Incompatibilities! $456 CDN

Nvidia GeForce2 Gts

Fast, Stable, compatible, ****ty 16 bit, but who cares when 32 bit is just as fast. $319

Let's just say I won't be getting an ATI card anytime soon.

oh yes, and i hate trolls. Ok?
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