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Default Re: (WOW burning crusades) Today is the day of days

Originally Posted by UDawg
So you changed your opinion from just ok to your loving it? That's cool.
Yep. I spent the first day or so as a newbie Blood Elf. It was fun, but nowhere near the visceral excitement that came from questing in Outland, and having those stand-off PVP will-they-or-won't-they moments. The respawn rate atm is perfect, no doubt because of the increase in players.

I completely and accidentally whacked an undead mage with my staff in the large canyon with the wind-somethingorother beasts which then escalated into a PVP bloodbath with 16-or-so on each side. Fantastic. At the end we (Horde & Alliance) all paused, laughed, and went back to questing.

I quit the game over the summer, but after 5 minutes on Ventrilo with some workmates, I'm baaaaaack!
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