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Default Re: g-force 6200 works fine but won't play video!

Originally Posted by umbabarauma
I recently changed the dead ATI Radeon 9000 64MB to a G-force 6200 AGP-8X 256MB/64bit. It works perfectly alright with everything else BUT refuses to play any kind of video and slows down the PC veeeeery much, whenever I try to do so, to such an extend that I need to Ctrl+Alt+Del . . .
My PC is a P4 2.5 MHz 1024 MB RAM and the motherboard is an
ASUS (P4-S8X-A-L).
Help would be useful on this this silly problem I have encountered.

Try upgrading to the latest Intel chipset drivers. This will contain an AGP GART driver which should hopefully fix your problems. You only need to do this if you used to be able to playback video with the Radeon. Some of the 6 series cards needed updated AGP drivers for video playback though I'm surprised you're having trouble on an Intel platform.
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