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Default Re: How far can an Athlon x2 4800+ usually go?

Originally Posted by CrashDuck
Hi newb here. i am a little off topic but i was wondering if rHyO would like to sell his old AMD CPU...i have 3 mobo's that all take AMD cpu's (socket462) to a maximum size of a 3200+ Sempron. CPU's are a little tough too find, if anyone has cpu's to sell pls advise me, i need a minimum of athlon XP 1800+. That i s what i use in my rig but my son has a similar setup with a crappy cpu. BTW good luck OC'ing and thanks in advance. does a person get there system specs to show on every thread?
Sorry man but i will be keeping my old one, so i can eventually use in a second system, but if i ever change my mind i will let you know. I'm sure there are plenty of ppl looking to sell CPU's in that range though.

Anyway so could someone tell me if CCBWE is a good/bad stepping for a 939 x2 4800??
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