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Default Re: 9746 alt-F[123456] doesn't work

I've had the same problem with Fedora Core 6 and 9746 with a GeForce Go 6600 on my Asus Z71V laptop. 9631 works fine.

With 9746, starting from console and running "startx" brings up a working X. Switching to a console (<Alt><Ctrl><Fn>) causes a brief flash - as if the console came up for a few milliseconds - and then a black screen. I can switch back to console F7 and X is back.

The same thing happens when leaving X: flash, then black screen. As with the console switch, the CLI is still running. I can run "startx" again and X runs fine. No errors mentioned in either the X log, or in system log.

I guess I'll go back to 9631 till this is fixed.
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