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Default Re: Horrible 8800 GTS 3DMark06 score. Help!

They seem a little low. For comparisons sakes my amd 3700 running at 2750mhz gave me a cpu score of 1052. Same as yours pretty much.
But my SM2 was 3446
SM3 was 3550
So I got a little over a 1000 points more each with a somewhat equal cpu.

Now with a C2D at 3.4ghz gave me:
SM2 3753
SM3 3742
CPU 2875
Those are stock video card speeds too. Overclocked tacks on another 1000 for each sm test.

I can think of two possibilities.
1) Try reinstalling drivers or maby rolling back a set
2) You psu can't supply the power. It is only a dual rail. And doesn't look like you have the amps needed to power it.
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