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Exclamation BFG 6800 Gt will NOT stay at stock speeds

I have a wierd problem with my 6800gt the stock speeds of the card is supposed to be 370mhz/1ghz. For some reason the card wants to run at 395/1.07ghz by default. (This card is not stable at that speed and I would be happy to allways run it at stock (yeh I know that is ))

I have tried reformating and it still tries to clock its self at that speed. Right now I have to use RiviaTuner or coolbits to manualy turn it back down to stock. I ran NiBiTor to see what the bios says and it comes back that the card should be running at 370/1ghz......

Msi K8n Neo2 (nforce3)
BFG 6800gt
2gb ram
Athlon64 3200
XP Pro 64 (right now same problem with 32bit)

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