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Default Re: is nForce MCP61 supported in Linux?

Originally Posted by livingtarget
So in short: it's almost 100% supported, at least it will detect most of your stuff with 2.6.19 and the appropriate drivers. Hope that helps. If anyone has a question do post it as I'm happy to help out.
I have Suse 10.2 amd64 [ default]. I am having trouble connecting to the internet with it, on my Asrock MB which uses the Nforce 6100 405 chipset. It appears to recognise the onboard LAN device, but syslog shows it cycling through "eth0 link up; eth0 link down" and I cant connect to my network.

I have also installed a Dynamode NC-100TX-DL card which works without problem in Mepis (32 bit) after installation of the supplied driver. I attempted to install this in Suse 10.2 but the installer failed citing the fact that it was not intended for kernels prior to 2.6 (!?) - perhaps a problem with 32bit vs 64bit - I haven't been able to find a 64bit driver so far. I note this just in case my attempt to install could have any bearing.
[I have also attempted to install a wireless USB dongle - but again run into problems with ndiswrapper complaining that they are not 64 bit drivers (bad magic).]

I have run the Suse Network configuration application, but this does not list any network cards, and the MCP61 does not appear in the dropdown list of possible modules to load - in any case that doesn't seem to be the problem?

I am stuck at this point and would welcome help - even if only on where to start looking for a solution. Ideally I would like to use the onboard nvidia ethernet (and sound card etc) but any connection to the intenet would be helpful.

Is upgrading to 2.6.19 likely to solve my problem? I would need to find out how to do that off-line but imagine that there are resources I can find for that.

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