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Default Re: Post Your Audio Setups HERE!

I'm aiming at getting this:

I'll use that for nothing but bass- i.e. surround sound for my bass. Of course, I'd have each channel comming from an equalizer to filter out the highs and mids. That'll put some rumble out.

But that is still some time off. Probably by year's end or early next year I'll pick up one of these:

To power my two 15"s. That's far more power than they need right now (each 15" is rated at 150w continous, 300w peak)- but this summer I'm gonna' add a 10" 400w downfiring sub to sub box. So, it'd the be a 15" and a 10", at 350w combined continous power. I'll make good use of the 250w that Monster amp will provide.

Guess I better start saving now.
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