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Default Re: Post Your Audio Setups HERE!

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Why would you need to unplug the DVI cable? I don't have any problems w/ that as I've never unplugged mine.
When taking my rig apart to configure/rewire and such, I have to remove all the cables from the back of it and I take it out onto a table so i can easily work on it.

Ya kno, like putting a new drive in for example. And recently, I have been upgrading like a bitch:

amd -> cd2 first of all
p5b (TWO of them)-> ds3 -> pw5dh -> 680i
7600 -> 7950 -> 8800
new drives,
new psu,
sound card changes
air -> water

And EACH time, the monitor would act up. I know I will be changing my setup again real soon also.
But hey hard work pays off.
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