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Default Re: New nHancer version 2.1.0 and website!

Originally Posted by Mike89
One thing I never liked in the Nvidia new control panel is it would not let you remove game profiles. Each time I un-installed new drivers I went through the routine of editing the "nvapps.xml" file (saved and copy/pasted mine to replace Nvidia's) so I could get rid of all the Nvidia profiles I never used and just had my own in there. It looks like in the screenshot that Nhancer does let you remove profiles? If so, do you have to also go through the process each time new drivers are installed to manually remove all those you don't want again one by one? If not, it would be really nice for Nhancer to have some kind of option to carry over your own profiles (overwriting Nvidia's) each time new drivers were installed.
You can delete profiles. You can multiselect profiles and delete them in one step. And there's an option which removes all profiles at once that are only SLI related for those not using SLI.

Originally Posted by Mike89
Question 2. Does Nhancer allow setting a refresh rate for each game profile? If not, it would be a wonderful thing to have. Dunno why Nvidia never had an option like that. To my knowledge, only Ray Adams ATT Tools had that option. I really loved it when I had my ATI card.
I don't think that this can be done that easily. I don't know how Ray Adams did that, but as far as I know he's installing a service/driver component, which intercepts certain Direct3D and OpenGL calls. He can then modify the parameters before they reach the actual gfx driver.

I tried to avoid something like this, because each bug can cause really serious problems if your programming is interacting with the system at that low a level. nHancer on the other side only uses settings the driver itself exposes in form of registry keys and files (nvapps.xml). It doesn't do anything else than to change these (with one exception: Enabling SLI load balancing graph involves calling a documented API provided by nVidia).

So using nHancer is pretty safe, but on the other hand, I'm allso limited by what the driver allows me to do. And changing the resolution or refresh rate is not among these things, at least as far as I know.
nHancer - Advanced nVidia Control Utility and Profile Editor

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