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Default similar problem

Originally posted by bwkaz
There might be something wrong with permissions... what do the GL programs/screensavers/whatever actually tell you when you try to run them?

Run them from a terminal.
I seem to have a similar problem, I'm using the drivers on a GeForce4 Go (Dell Inspiron 8500). X runs fine even with 4XAGP, but OpenGL applications (glxgears for example) just segfault or abort when I try to run them as a non-root user. system and X logs don't report anything unusual (and the GLX extension initializes). As root there's no problem. the permisions for the /dev/nvidia* files are set to 0666 and owned by root.root
I use a 2.4.21-rc1 kernel and nvidia drivers: 4363.

In the documentation I read that it might be a permission problem caused by pam. I use a kdm compiled with pam for graphical logins, however I do not have the pam module that might cause problems installed. Also the problem remains when I start x from a text console after using a login without pam support
also I have successfully used openGL applications on as non-root user on the same linux image, but with kernel 2.4.20 and nvidia drivers 2960 and a GeForce2 GTS. Permissions of other /dev entries seem to work I'm not sure if it really is a pam problem.
Resorting back to the old drivers might have been a solution, if they'd support the GeForce4Go.

I'm quite stuck, any help is appreciated.

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