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I hate to take attention away from Stevan's issue, but since you replied and I haven't heard back from the other Nvidia dude I emailed about this issue, I'll tell you how I came up with my theory (this is a portion of my email)...

I'm trying to install (3123) from the tar files because I kept getting a "gcc version that compiled driver doesn't match the version that compiled the Linux kernel". This message is from modprobe and not the Makefile. The version that compiled the kernel is 3.2. I quadruple checked that the Nvidia driver makefile was using the 3.2 gcc compiler, while "modprobe NVdriver" claimed gcc version 2.

Ignoring the problem:
Forcing modprobe to load the NVdriver was no good. Xserver start yielded a blank screen.

Crap, ignoring the problem didn't make it go away:
After looking closer at the makefile, I saw NVdriver was a byproduct of linking Linux_module and Module_nvkernel.

Linux_module: is created when compiling(with gcc v3.2) and
linking provided c files.
Module_nvkernel: is provided as is. I assume it is created from
the non-open source proprietary Nvidia files.

So this provided file is where my suspicion lies.
From command line, "readelf -a Module_nvkernel | grep gcc" dumps out a lot of lines with "gcc2_compile".

I'll admit maybe my theory isn't based on the strongest of evidence, but it's all I got. What do you think bwkaz?
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