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Default Re: kernel page fault on modprobe of 9746's nvidia.ko

Originally Posted by netllama
You originally reported that just modprobing the nvidia kernel module resulted in an immediate crash.
Indeed. And I tracked that to the corruption of the module, which I now have solved (it was the raid array causing it).

You now seem to be stating that the system is hanging after some period of time, so that sounds like a different problem altogether.
I experienced these problems with the old drivers too. Therefore I wanted to upgrade. I ran into the corruption problem with the newer version. Now I have solved the corruption bug, it seems that this random crash bug that I originally experienced persists.

Does this new problem persist if you're not using the Composite extension and/or set RenderAccel to false in xorg.conf ?
If you set NvAGP to 0 in xorg.conf does that have any impact?
I'll try it out this evening.

By the way, it doesn't seem to freeze when I'm playing ut2004. (However, it does crash on the desktop with and without compiz)
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