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Default Version 2.1.1 released (Vista compatible)

Version 2.1.1 has just been put on the website

This version adds compatibility for Windows Vista and Forceware 100.x drivers.

Vista uses the new "UAC" (User Access Control) feature, which informs the user if an application is doing something only an administrator should be allowed to. Unfortunately, the things nHancer does (changing the registry settings for the gfx card and changing the profiles) fall under this category. The only way around that would be to add a Windows service process for nHancer.

After nHancer has been installed, Vista users must enable the option "Run this program as administrator" in nHancer.exe's properties dialog. Without that option, nHancer will just show a message and refuse to run.

In an upcoming version of nHancer, I'll activate that option automatically (can't do that right now due to a bug in VisualStudio 2005).

Another problem for Vista users is that Vista doesn't allow programs with administrator privileges to be started automatically. So the "Start with Windows" option is pretty useless for Vista users, at least as long as they don't disable UAC completely (which I don't recommend to do!).
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