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Talking Re: Would I see a large benefit w/ OC'ing?

Originally Posted by Uberpwnage
I oc'ed my Opteron 125MHz more to 2.925GHz, and I noticed a 5fps jump in certain parts of 3Dmark06, my score was also 20pts higher. 20pts may not seem like alot but my ram was running at 300MHz, 200MHz slower then normal. I didn't run it again at 2.925 w/ higher ram speeds because I had to have all my fans at max, and was just trying to reach 3GHz which I didnt.

My point is that I think that 200-400MHz will provide you with a decent boost, just due to the fact that 125MHz boosted my 8800GTX even w/ low ram speeds.

edit - lol, i guess you posted during my post, glad to see its working the way you want it to.
I'm just aiming for a moderate OC. 400mhz tops and really to just to keep frames constant. my cooling at the moment is inadequate and this little test made it very apparent. All the same it was a good test. Now all I need is a new case with better airflow and I think I'll be set.
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