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Default Re: New nHancer version 2.1.0 and website!

Originally Posted by Killall
Hi, i seem to be having a problem with nHancer 2.1.1. Im using the 97.92 drivers, these have an option in the menu wich enables gamma correction. When i choose an AA mode inside nHancer, it will disable the gamma correction. I have to goto the NV control panel to enable it again. If i set gamma inside Nhancer it will get disabled in the NV control panel again as well. So sumething is going wrong here?
Well, nVidia changed the handling of Gamma corrected AA with 96.x Forceware (along with everything else AA related) and I adapted that change. It seems that they changed something again with certain 97.x drivers, but I'm not absolutely sure if this isn't just a bug in those drivers.

Fact is that the way nHancer is handling Gamma corrected AA is working correctly with 100.x Forcewares again. So I'll leave it as it is for the time being, until nVidia has decided which way will be the right one. Especially since the quality difference is so small.

You should check the actual result yourself. But you'd have to zoom in to see any difference, since it's quite subtle. You should check if the panel's setting is working and if nHancer's is working.
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