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Default Re: Bad overscan watching HDTV

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
I am getting pretty bad overscan watching anything on HDTV. I would say around 15%-16% bad. Possibly even more than that. If for example I am watching ESPN, on the bottom right corner I only see ES and the rest is cut off. The bottom of the ES is cut off some as well.

Is there a way to fix my overscan? My HDTV is a Hitachi Rear Projection 57F510. It has brilliant quality in my opinion, but the overscan really bugs me. Its alot more overscan than most rear projection TV's I have ever seen.

I went to the AVS forum to ask, but it appears down. Any ideas?
There should be an option in your settings menu to turn the overscan off. I personally HATE watching anything other than a 1:1 mapping of the signal to the display. When I bought my TV I did my research to make sure the TV supported this feature.

If your TV doesn't support turning off overscan manually, then the only way to do it is buy a standalone video processor (which isn't cheap).
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