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Default Re: Westinghouse LTV-32w6

Well, I'd only be watching occasional shows on Discovery, MTV and Comedy Central...perhaps a bit of Adult Swim if I’m up that late…but the vast majority of what I’d be watching would be HD DVDs and upconverted SD DVDs via the HD-A2.

They actually had two models on display (I guess not TECHNICALLY the same model since the LTV-32w6 was displaying SD content and the 32” Westy with the built-in DVD drive was showing HD content…but from what I understand, the panels in the two TVs are identical) and the SD did look pretty terrible. It wasn’t unwatchable by any means, but it certainly was a big step down from my current tube SDTV. I’m not overly concerned though because, like I said, the majority of my watching would be HD.

Thanks for your feedback.
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