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Default Failed to load GLX after new hard drive

The following installation was working fine for me:

Freebsd 4.8
Nvidia Driver patched and installed.
KDE 3.1

Then I had a hard drive crash. I run two hard drives: Drive two backs up drive one every 24 hours using an rsync routine. Normally, when drive one fails, I can just make drive two the master drive, tweek a few things and I am off and running. This time when I did this, KDE won't start (startx from command line.) It reports

"Failed to Load GLX"

Followed by some reports of missing libraries.

I'm not sure what to do to figure this out. My rsync routine does not copy /tmp directories, so if the NVIDIA driver is looking for a /tmp directory that is not there, that could be the problem.

Anyway, your ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I have not uploaded any log files. I would be happy to do that. However, if you would like to see a log, please give me some step by step instructions to generate it, or tell me where to find it. I am new at this stuff.

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