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Default Re: Bad overscan watching HDTV

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
no that isnt a thread for what i want. I want to watch TV, not play my computer on my TV. This has NOTHING to do with a computer. It is just HDTV displaying from my cable box. Thats it.

IF however, i need to hookup a computer to fix this issue, I can do that. However, i dont think that would fix it either.
Ahhh. I thought you had an overscan issue with a computer running to your TV because overscan shouldn't be that bad coming from your cable box.

There are a couple of potential fixes because this may not be an actual overscan problem but a zoom setting from your TV or cable box. TVs and/or cable boxes often have aspect settings that zoom/stretch a picture to allow you to adjust the picture for the various widescreen aspect ratios, since not all are 16:9. For example, my TV has an "Aspect" button on the remote where I can select from a few different ratio types in widescreen labeled "full, panorama, and cinema." You may want to check if your TV and/or cable box has such settings available.
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