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Default Re: Westinghouse LTV-32w6

I have one sitting in my living room, and it is a pretty nice TV. It works really well with pc's over vga and dvi, and the ps3 looks really good on it as well. I've gotten to check out some hd content on it and that looks pretty good, espically PBS-HD.

The SD content does look a little bad, but you have to remember that it will on any device. It will look better from a little farther away than what you are sitting at, but it is still plenty viewable. I've compared the signal to one running through a dvd combo player with component, and a vcr, and it looks just as good as both of those if not better. Also, if you can get the digital equivalents of your analog channels, they will make the sd channels look a decent amount better. I really don't think SD is going to be worse on another device, unless it is a smaller tv since it doesn't stretch the image as much.

Also, if it's already pushing your budget, then it is definetely an awesome buy. Anything else that you could get in that range is probably 26" or less, unless it is some generic POS.
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