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Default Re: Westinghouse LTV-32w6

Originally Posted by superklye
Ah, okay. This is why I thought you said it had DVI:

Not a huge deal. I was just kind of excited because I have a DVI>HDMI cable already that isn't being used since it didn't work on my 3007WFP. But that's fine...I can just snag an HDMI cable for the HD-A2 > TV. I wish it had two HDMI so I could use that other cable for PC > TV, but ah well. I'll stick with components for PC > TV since I have so many of those laying around it's getting a bit ridiculous.
Yea oops. I can tell you right now though, if you want to use the analog out from the pc it will still look pretty good on that tv. I had a toshiba 32" monitor, and that westy, and the difference was night and day when you hooked it up to a pc over analog.
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