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Originally posted by Badash
I returned my PNY 5800 ultra cause the fan would shut off and downclock in some games and screensavers.
I'm having the same problem with my PNY.
But it's only happens on screensavers.
What games did your PNY mess up on?
I like my card and newegg "where i got it" does not have any
5800's at all now.
I'm not to up to return it. Where did u get your cards at?
I wish PNY had a support# or email address. I would think a simple BIOS upgrade would fix it.
I wonder why the PNY cards seem to be the only ones doing it?
If there r any other 5800 owners out there with this problem please post here or email me please.
PNY or nonPNY cards. It does not matter.
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