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Default Re: Westinghouse LTV-32w6

Originally Posted by superklye
I got it for $650 w/tax. The girl that rang me up was new and so she didn't know that I wasn't supposed to get the 12% off coupon in addition to the $200 off sale.


I'm setting it up (it's scanning for cable channels currently) and already it looks spectacular. No dead pixels either...I can't wait for this to finish so I can watch an HD DVD on it!

Now, I just need to get an HDMI cable so I can upconvert SD DVDs, too. What's that website everyone goes to? Monoprice or something?
Awesome grab man! We need pics asap!

Yes, or newegg have the best prices on HDMI cables. Monoprice is a tad lower than newegg but some people like newegg for familiarity. Decision is yours as long as you don't spend over 20 bucks for one.
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