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Default Problem with legacy driver 9631

iŽam using a Geforce 4400 and FC 6.
Since iŽve installed the 9631 driver iŽve got a problem with my resolution. After the PC has booted it shows me at the kdm a black screen(on FC 5 it shows me the kdm with a resolution of 640x480).
After pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace the X Server is restarted and kdm is ok (on FC5 after the restart the resolution is set to the correct value of 1280x1024).
This doesnŽt happen with the standard nv driver or with a nvidia driver of the 8xxx series.

Attached you find 2 xorg.logs.
xorg.0.log.old.log is the log before pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace
xorg.0.log is the log after pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace

You can see differences at the EDID informations.

Any idea how to fix it?


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