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Talking Re: CoolIT Systems Anyone Tried?

Originally Posted by rudedog
I have one (freezone) and love it. Currently it's not installed with my latest build (not time)

However they now make two versions:

What's the difference between the Freezone and the Eliminator?
Cooling Capabilities:
Freezone is recommended for CPUs with total heat output of up to 175W. Higher loads can be accommodated but the result will be comparable to water cooling. The Eliminator is recommended for CPUs with a total heat output of up to 125W. The Eliminator is targeted for overclocking nearly any dual core CPU while the Freezone is more than capable of cooling the new quad core kentsfield from Intel.
Make sure you get the correct one for your setup. Also make sure you have a 120mm fan on the back of the case. This is where you need to bolt the main unit to, replacing that fan.
Dang you replaced the 90mm fan on the unit itself? I would love to see pictures of that. I have always wanted to use a 120mm fan instead.
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