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Talking Re: CoolIT Systems Anyone Tried?

Originally Posted by rudedog
sorry I had that backwards, I mean you need a 9omm fan on the case to be a direct bolt on replacement to the case.

My case had a 120mm fan which I had to adapt to make the coolit fit properly. I had to drill some extra holes in the case, which If I would have known would have been nice, rather then drilling holes into the case with everything mounted already. (metal filings is not good for a MB/CPU/Vid)

Also because at the time I had an extended ATX case (MB mounted upside down with the PS on the bottom) I called and asked Coolit if their product was ok mounted in either direction. They told me it should not matter and it worked fine upside down(hardware pump that is)
O I see. So you couldn't use the 120mm adapter bracket that comes with it?
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