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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Nether Drakes are a PvP mount for topping the arena ladder, normal flying mounts cost 100g and epics cost 200g but the training is expensive. 1000g for normal flying mount training (60% speed bonus) and 5000g for epic flying mount training (250% speed bonus).
I've heard rumors posted about (and note their rumors, I've seen no confirmation to); that Nether dragons might also be available through faction rep; similar to how the Frostsaber mount works presently. If this is true, one could get a such a mount by grinding rep, through a repeatable reputation quest (if the current pattern holds +75 rep) from 0 neutral to exalted status.

My experience doing this with Wintersaber trainers (currently like 3,000 honored), is that this is long, arduous (the frostsaber meat provisions quest had bad drop rates, and with the patch comming out everyone was grinding Winterfall furlbogs for firewater and ekos, making it hard to get the 5 shamy and to a lesser degree the 5 ursa per turn in.

It's a long haul, but if one could get it through rep; I might be up for giving it a shot. If one could possibly get this through rep as well, I'd be up for giving it a shot. However being in Hellfire peninsula (and having waited largely on going through the portal till I could go through with a friend); I'm far from being able to check the veracity of such speculation which has been given forth in the past.
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