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Default Re: (WOW burning crusades) Today is the day of days

Originally Posted by superklye to level 7 in less than 3 hours with my Blood Elf Paladin last night.

Count yourself lucky. I recreated my warrior a Draenie (was only 15 before, and sorta fits the class/race) and on Azuremist isle; it was fricken crowded. Someone came up with a figure of 1,500 people all competing for the same lowbie quests/killing the same mobs. In some cases it took an hour to finish one quest; as there were just too many people doing it.

All in all, and without zone over-crowding, the levels of course do come on fast, and at level 20 he's already revered with is own faction and honored with all the others. All in all, the rep gains were a hell of a lot faster then starting other races. Perhaps necessary though, give that SW holds most of the alliance zones (in terms of NPCs that give quests that rep with them), and Darnasus has more then 2 islands to themselves (Aldrasil, Darkshore, Ashenvalle, and Feralas), and with non-elves doing Green Warden quest, they can make Wetlands rep Darn.

Ideally, after the initial introduction of the expansion; a n00b zone won't be so over-crowded that there are several times more players trying to kill a given mob, then spawns themselves...
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