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Default 1.0-9746, Sun Ultra20, Quadro FX1500 8-bit overlay problem

We have an Ultra20 with dual Acer 1680x1050 monitors. When an 8 bit overlay window is moved to the second monitor, the contents of the window is shifted to the right about 1/8 inch, so that it extends outside the right edge of the window. This is with a gui type window. With a 8 bit window displaying graphics, the contents of the window appears shifted the same, but in addition, when displaying a graph over top of a seismic data display - the points on the graph, displayed using X's, do not line up with the graph line. We have had to revert to 1.0-8776 to get rid of this problem. Unfortunately 8776 has a different problem with 8 bit overlay mode; it regularly causes the desktop to freeze up, requiring Xorg to be restarted.

Andrew Riggs
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