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Default I've got a real quandry here; or when guildes begin to disintigrate from within

I'll leave names out of this; as quite frankly I don't want to make this all public. However, with some chars I have on Aman'Thul I had been in this guild since last August (the realm only opened up last July). In time, and with the original guild master wanting to try a raiding guild for a time; we had progressed under the former guild master, who has since joined up with an offshoot guild made of former Resilience members. Their goal was to create something, of limited numbers, for the new type of 25 man raides that Burning Crusade introduced. With them, several of the former class masters had gone; and all fair enough. They wanted to progress their characters and learn from people who knew more then themselves; something we would all like to do in progressing our own characters. Up to this point, we had already downed several bosses in ZG, started killing trash in MC, and downed the first boss in AQ 20.

The former GM, passed leadership over to an individual, who had come from another guild which was raiding, and as such the individual had experience raiding areas we hadn't gotten to yet. All makes sense, except for what has transpired. We're begininning to ravage from the inside, and things don't look that hopeful.

The very night, the new GM took over, he /gkicked all the alts of the former GM, and one of the older class masters did so with another former class master. This was prior to having stepped down from his position, stating that he wasn't leaving (several people began to leave), but he didn't want to do this anymore. The reason given was inactive characters; however this was not true as the former GM's char was on one of these alts the night before, and I know, because I among other individuals were speaking with them in guild chat.

Following this, we went on a raid, and though we did progress further in ZG, at certain points it devolved into a water fight, as the individual who became the mage class master was complaining that he had to make water, when for some unknown reason the other mage refused to; and all of the priests, locks, hunters, and other magic using classes were asking for some. In the middle of it, he stormed out mid raid and left us hanging one lock. One of the priests, who had to ask 20 times, was at that time (though real life issues have since pulled him from the game) the priest class master, and had been as such for quite a number of months, when he created the guild banks on his own account and took time outa his own life to operate it all.

Since all of this, people have been leaving left and right, including some classes we have in short supply such as priests and healers in general. Just the other night, I wasn't on vent to see what happened there; but from guild chat it turned out that the new GM decided to /gkick an individual, at which point his brother asked to leave, if they couldn't play together. Rationale, I have no idea.

Following this, some very long standing members were like "I hope you're joking" and he was like "no I'm not". All in all 30 people left following this, including at least one of the class masters I think (the new priest class master), 2 of the guilde's initial founders who signed the charter in the beginning (the second of which, had a comment about what's going on, the first and original GM, no comment at all).

As all this was happening, and we've now been left with only 2 priests for instance (where one of them is an alt, for someone who's main is in a heavy raiding guild; hence he can't be around much); this was not to be the end. One individual asked where things were going, and if there was reason to continue in the guild anymore; at which point the new GM /gkicked him. One of the class masters point blankely said "that's uncalled for, he was just asking". He also hinted that perhaps the time was comming for him to leave as well; if things don't begin to turn around for the better.

Since then, another long time member asked if the guild leadership had any answer as to what is going on, and where we're headed. All he got was "you're gonna leave too, so why does it matter?" with the new GM saying essentially "Leadership? I never asked for this to be put on my shoulders". Since then, more people who had been there any length of time has left; leaving virtually no names I even recognize anymore.

Quandry, there are 2 things I'd like to be able to do.

1. Whatever happens, I'd like to remain with a friend that I have there; and someone with whom we've played since October or so. Operative word is, if he goes, I go, and vice versa. Wherever we end up; we'd like to end up in the same guild.

2. I'd like to know that after I hit 70, there's going to be some place to go, and we'll have a shot at our tier 4 and stuff. With what's going on above, I'm not hopeful that the current guild will either be ready, or even able to function together as a group of any kind with the way things have been going.

My friend lives on the East coast (Pennsylvania), and I live in Mountain time (New Mexico). His words, I'd be up for anything, but it needs to be during a reasonable hour. Any suggestions, comments about who would be good for raides and stuff, and who could provide something we could both do?
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