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I finished it up about a month ago, got my 9800 on preorder. I am hoping the nv35 is something special because I have always felt that nVidia cards have a certain feel about them. I read so much about IQ, but my 4600 was every bit this cards equal in that regard. Though I am playing on a new 20.1FP. I just think nVs are a bit smoother-warmer, just intangibly better feeling.


I now understand your response. You apparently thought what I said was directed at you and your sys. It didn't even enter my mind. I just assumed for the time being that I had posted the highest score in the thread. Azhael, over at R3D beats me by a good 200 pts in '03. There is always gonna be someone faster. I love my rig though and am proud to have built such a fine machine. My 9yo daughter is equally happy as all my old parts went into a nice little mid tower case for her. She is running an Abit KX with 512 mb pc2700ocz ram, an XP2100, sblive, and I traded my 4600 to a friend for his 8500(a favor to him) to run in her machine. She has 802.11b access to my 3Mbps cable connection and loves to watch DVDs on her 21" Hitachi CM 812 monitor. She is a great kid and deserves all of it.
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