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Default Re: How to clean CRT RPTV

Originally Posted by evilchris
It's a CRT, you clean it you'll bump something and throw the thing out of alignment. Pay for a professional cleaning/alignment.
Yes, but isnt it like $500 to pay for it be cleaned? If this was a TV that I was looking to keep for a very long time, i might do that. While the TV is only a year old and is pretty good, its really not worth it to pay someone else to clean it. If I mess it up, I guess I'll learn a lesson. Right now I want to see what i can accomplish, even if that means risking the whole TV. Trust me, I've screwed up quite a few mustangs a good amount of times trying to fix things on my own. Eventually I got it. I really just want to do this for the learning experience of it.

So all i have to do is take off the back cardboard part? I can use a can of air on it? I read online that i should only use a microcloth. I'm not doing an in depth cleaning job by any means. If its too hard for me to clean, I'll just close it up... and then MAYBE call a professional... depending on cost.

And gib. My TV model name is a 57F510 from Hitachi. Is there some type of guide for me to look at?
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