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Default Re: How to clean CRT RPTV

Originally Posted by Ancient
For some CRT RPTVs you access them through the back. For many others you loosen the front screen at the bottom and it lifts upward in a hinge-like manner to provide access to the lenses.

A cleaning/calibration by an IFS certified pro should run you about $325 to $350. It would be worth the money to have it professionally cleaned and calibrated the first time so you can watch what and how it is done. Learn from it and you can do it the next time it's required. CRT RPTVs are recommended to be cleaned every 6 months to a year.
Do DLP's and LcoS TV's have to be cleaned often as well? I might at least call to see how much it is to professionally clean/calibrate my TV. If its around $300, I might go ahead and do it. If it's more, I'll just screw up my TV myself.
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