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Default Re: I've got a real quandry here; or when guildes begin to disintigrate from within

If you are looking for names of guilds on your server, I'm pretty sure it would be difficult for us to give you any considering that we all probably play on different servers. I'd suggest looking at your servers forums on the WoW website and asking around there to see if anything meets you and your friends criteria.

I think that smaller guilds (40 pre-BC, 25-BC) that are active together in both chit-chat and raiding are the guilds that stay together. Also keeping everyone involved is important, too often big guilds get into 'cliques' of players that eventually splinter from the big guild into their own. It's very hard to prevent, especially if you are as big as some *cough*Goon Squad*cough*. I'd say the new BC of 25 players is much more manageable then even a small guild of 40. It's very possible for someone to have 25 friends or extended friends, but 40 is getting difficult to both manage as a friend and as a guild member.

Unfortunately I'm in a stagnant guild at the moment. I am the highest level @ 66 (and I just started playing late Friday night hehe), but everyone seems more inclined to raid instances for gear that they will probably be replacing in the next couple of levels. Right now I just want to get to 70 and then go back and sit and enjoy raiding at the "Elite" level . While I know most of the people in the guild, I just don't spend any time with them in-game, which is unfortunate, but few are as hardcore questing as I am.
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